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Image by Tyler Nix
Image by Tyler Nix
Image by Tyler Nix
Image by Tyler Nix
Image by Tyler Nix

Body Transformation Nutrition Coach

This course provides education on various nutrition strategies for endurance training and sports. As with all GPNi courses, you'll also learn ho to practically apply theoretical principles in practice. 

All content is based in good quality research and is backed by ISSN and leading sports nutrition research journals.

What you'll learn:

  • A fundamental understanding of the science and physiology of endurance training

  • Fuel types and usage

  • Endurance-specific methods to calculate athlete requirements

  • Evidence-based nutrition concepts, approaches and recommended protocols

  • Application of nutrition strategies in endurance sports

  • Risks associated with endurance sport, and methods for ensuring athlete safety using precautions developed through exclusive research by Dr. Jason Lee

  • Ergogenic aids for endurance athletes

  • Diet trends and their effects on endurance performance

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