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Performance Nutrition Expert Level-1
Sports Nutrition Specialist

The PNE Level 1 + ISSN-SNS (Sports Nutrition Specialist) certification is our foundation sports nutrition certification and is a great lead-in to the more advanced CISSN certification.

Health & fitness professionals who work with athletes or active individuals will benefit from having an understanding of the role nutrition plays  in sport and exercise perfornance. 


This course prepares you for the ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist (ISSN-SNS) Exam, hence it is a double certification that includes:

  • ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) 

  • Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE) Level-1

What you'll learn:​

Fundamental nutrition and exercise concepts

​Energy systems & exercise physiology for nutrition

​Sports nutrition science & practical application

Performance nutrition and hydration strategies

Introduction to sports nutrition supplementation
Current research, trends, and topics in sports nutrition

Energy expenditure & research-backed ways to assess individual requirements

Benefits of PNE Level-1

  • The opportunity to learn from highly qualified, registered & experienced sports nutrition professionals

  • Connect and interact with your peers; grow your network for  advancement in the field of sports nutrition.

  • Eligibility for registration & professional indemnity insurance with IICT in Australia

  • Upon completion of the ISSN exam; listing on the ISSN Sports Nutritionist online register

  • Interactive online classes

Total study hours: approx. 53

  • On-demand video content – 26 hours

  • Live-streaming classes – 8 hours

  • Homework & presentations – 12 hours

  • Reading & review – approx. 15 hours

  • Exam – 1.5 hours

Payment Options

One-time fee: $2149

Weekly instalments: $187.50 for 12 weeks

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