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Performance Nutrition Expert Level-2 Masters
Certified Sports Nutritionist

A follow on from Level-1 SNS, Level-2 will take you to the next level of sports nutrition; enabling you to work with high-level athletes.

A great addition to a dietitian's skill set, and an upgrade for nutritionists, personal trainers and athlete coaches.

Take your career to the next level and upgrade credentials to be an internationally accredited certified sports nutritionist (CISSN).

What you'll learn: 

  • Interpretation and application of ISSN Position Stands & guidelines; which are based in high quality scientific research

  • Evidence based sports nutrition strategies for recreational and elite athletes in a wide range of sports & activities

  • Exercise physiology and sports medicine education for nutritionists

  • Up-to-date, evidence-based supplement information

    Supplement frameworks to enable you to identify and recommend safe and evidence-based use of supplements and sports foods

  • Advanced strategies for more complex clients

  • Skills for interpreting research

  • Ethics and best standards of practice for performance nutrition in Australia & New Zealand; understanding your role as a sports nutritionist as a part of the larger interdisciplinary performance team

  • Practical case studies

  • Training in instructing & presenting to groups

  • Business building training


Benefits of PNE Level-2

  • Obtain an internationally recognised Sports Nutritionist qualification

  • Eligibility for registration & professional indemnity insurance with IICT in Australia

  • Self-paced online course content + hard-copy resources

  • Live online classes taught by highly qualified & registered nutrition professionals

  • Access to ISSN Position Stands and peer-reviewed research publications

  • Interactive group class chats .

  • Ability to connect and interact with your peers from all over the world. Connect and grow your global network for career and knowledge advancement in the field of sports nutrition

Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Dietitians, qualified nutritionists* and Precision Nutrition graduates

        are eligible to skip the Level 1 prerequisite Level-1 and enroll 
        directly in to Level-2

Total study hours: approx. 103

  • On-demand video content – 24 hours

  • Live-streaming classes – 14 hours

  • Homework & presentations – 30 hours

  • Reading & review – approx. 35 hours

  • Exam – 2 hours

Payment Options

One-time fee: $3930

Weekly instalments: $232 for 18 weeks

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Enrol Now:

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